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Danielle went to her neighborhood high school from ninth to twelfth grade, but due to a turbulent home life, she found it hard to make it to school and complete her work. Over the years, the stress of her circumstance caused Danielle to drop out of school multiple times and culminated in being left without a home. She was referred to Covenant House as a sanctuary from homelessness, and she enrolled in Back on Track.

As a returning high school student, Danielle found Back on Track’s flexible hours, self-paced schoolwork, and supportive staff to be important part to getting back on her feet. She earned the credits needed to graduate within a month and gained the confidence to move past personal challenges and achieve her goals. Now, Danielle is a resident at Covenant House’s transitional living program, Rights of Passage. She is an aspiring artist and board game designer and is hopeful about her future.