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“The Back on Track program was a blessing. Going was the best decision I’ve made in quite a while. Previously at Bartlett, I faced some hardships and my grades went down as a result. I wasn’t sure if I would even graduate as my attendance was also diminishing alongside my motivation. I was given the chance to redeem myself by enrolling in Back on Track and I promised myself that I would graduate no matter what. Back on Track has strengthened my desire to finish and get my diploma. It offers students many positive actions towards graduating. I wasn’t able to get rides every day at Bartlett – it was a constant struggle –  but Back on Track made it so much easier to attend. I only had a handful of credits left and the work provided was great, I was able to learn how to balance school and work. I definitely have an open pathway to success due to the second chance I was given. I will use the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my educational career and apply it to the real world.”